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It is fortunate for you to have found our website. Our business is to help people to grow their wealth, in other words, let your money work harder! Who makes the most money legally? The property developers.We will show you how to get a slice of the cake.
Everybody knows that a property developer makes money, tons of money.It is not easy to be a developer, below are the requirements to be a developer:

  1. Large capital outlay
  2. Lots of experience in building
  3. Management team/enough manpower
  4. Government is supportive of your projects
  5. Have strong banking support
  6. Spend long hours to oversee the business
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Ordinary man on the street may have one or two of the above requirements but not all of them. Therefore to become a developer remains beyond reach for most people.
All the developers keep whole of the profits to themselves and would not let you in the game. What if I tell you there is one international developer is different, he is willing to share the profit with you as a co-developer (or retail developer) without forking out a lot of money.Will you believe it?
Before you reply me, let us explain how it works?
All property development projects go through the following stages:
  1. Land acquisition
  2. Conversion from agricultural land to commercial land
  3. Development of the land
  4. Completion of units
  5. Sales of units
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As the project progresses through each stage the land will increase in value by virtue of works done and the mere fact of land value increases with the passage of time.This increase of value will be converted into profits and distributed to the co-developers.
You can participate as co-developers in each of the stages, enter at the beginning of that stage and leave at the end of this stage taking the profits and capital with you. If you like you can re-enter at the next stage.
Below are the fixed profits of each stage:
  1. 10%, length:12 months,payout: lump sum
  2. 13%-20%, length:4-7 years, payout: lump sum
  3. 10%-20%, length:3-8 years, payout: annually
  4. One shot
  Other investment vehicles like fixed deposits, mutual funds and employee providence funds etc, can not give such high returns. Stock market perhaps give better returns sometimes, but not everyone has the knowledge and time to invest in it and the risks is relatively higher.
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The company does not go to the banks for raising fund needed for the projects to avoid paying the steep interest rates, and prefers to raise fund through crowd-funding. This is where you (co-developers) come in.The amount required is divided into number of units and sell to co-developers.The minimum is one unit and you can purchase as many units as you can afford.

For more details please call 60-0168333603 (Mr. Benson) or e-mail: to arrange for a presentation by us.